Friday, July 10, 2009

Walking Safari at Arusha National Park

Thursday afternoon we had David (our favorite driver) take us to Arusha National Park for a safari and walking tour at the base of Mt. Meru. David, Jan and Tino (our park ranger) are shown here with Meru in the distance.

We saw other things on the tour but as we were walking around a corner I saw the first giraffe of the trip.

Here we are approaching the group of twigas.

They were quite a few of them and some were sitting and resting while others were back in the trees.

There were some water buffalo in the area, too. This group was resting near the foot bridge we needed to cross, so while we hopped over a shallow area of the stream, Tino guarded us from the animals.

The giraffes can be seen feeding among the trees in the distance.

Hello Twiga!

We stopped at the crater in this park and Kili showed his head in the distance.

A beautiful Meru sunset.

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  1. Hi Guys - what wonderful pics and stories.
    We are all so proud of you and happy that things are working out so well. Take care. Blessings Ann