Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ahlrichs Eye Clinic, As of March 2012

Recent pictures of the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic
at the Nyakato Health Center in Mwanza, Tanzania.
The building is waiting for the M4M team
to come and finish it in June.

The front of the Eye Clinic with the new walk way
to the main building of the Health Center.

Looking toward the main building of the Health Center
from the Eye Clinic and the new walk way.
Eventually, the walk way is to be covered.

The back of the Eye Clinic.
The 2009 M4M team spent many afternoons under
the shade of that tree.

The Lobby of the Eye Clinic-
The windows are facing the street and the church.
There is a steel girder in the middle of the ceiling
that the 2009 M4M team hoisted up into the structure using
ladders, ropes, pulleys and human strength.

On the other side of the Eye Clinic lobby is the optical shop.
A visiting med student is checking things out.

The optical shop, and stacks of ceiling tiles waiting
for the M4M team to install them.

The main hallway looking from the back to the lobby
at the front of the Eye Clinic.

 This hallway runs perpendicular to the main hallway
and the door looks out to the street and church.

 The sterilization room in the Eye Clinic.

 The OR in the Eye Clinic waiting to be finished.

 The waiting area near the OR in the Eye Clinic.

 One of two refraction rooms in the Eye Clinic.

 One of two exam rooms in the Eye Clinic,
and a lonely sink waiting for some plumbing.

The staff area and staff restroom in the Eye Clinic.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twiga is Swahili for Giraffe

The giraffe is a graceful animal
whose long neck represents the ability to be visionary
while still viewing the past and present.

The giraffe teaches us to increase our understanding
by viewing life from all angles.

The heart of the giraffe is large.
In some African traditions, a giraffe symbol
is taken to every meeting
to assure that the understandings of the heart are addressed
as well as the understandings of the head.

The giraffe uses strength and flexibility to align the physical,
mental and spiritual faculties of all situations.

The giraffe is the national symbol of Tanzania
and the mascot for the M4M team.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spread Some Salt Gala Pictures

Hard to believe it was a month ago tonight
we were gathered at the Spread Some Salt Gala.

The beautiful Ironwood Lodge in Leawood was our venue.

Photographer Nathan Choate took shots from all angles
including this one from above.

Our Emcee for the evening, Matt Stewart
sharing a big smile with Judy.

Shoppers at the silent auction tables.

More shoppers checking things out.

Our handsome bartenders
serving (and sampling) Dave Stelzer's famous home brew.

"Giant Strings" providing lovely music during cocktails and dinner.

A delicious Italian buffet catered by "The Gourmet Grocer".

Paula and Denny Lofstrom made a special appearance
to make the announcement that the eye clinic at Nyakato
will be called the "Ahlrichs Eye Clinic".

Loren and Ruth with Maryann and Brooke.

Happy guests enjoying the evening.

Kari and Olivia holding up the quilt
that was made and donated to the Eye Clinic
by Atonement's "Fourth Fridays" kiddos.

Tre and Aaron making sure everything is going
smoothly at the cashier's table.
The Gala raised over $15,500 to go toward the supplies needed
to finish the "Ahlrichs Eye Clinic"!

The Ahlrichs family.
It was awesome that they all could be at the Gala
to celebrate Loren & Ruth and how special they are
to Atonement, IHPTZ and so many others.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Save a Life. Give Blood.

There is a blood drive at Atonement today or make an appointment to donate at the Community Blood Center. For those of us going to Tanzania you can donate if it has been three weeks since receiving travel vaccinations. Please consider donating before we go to Tanzania, because once you have been there you won't be able to donate again for 12 months.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic

Congratulations to the Ahlrichs! Loren & Ruth Ahlrichs were honored at the "Spread Some Salt" Gala when it was announced that the Eye Clinic at the Nyakato Health Center is to be called the "Ahlrichs Eye Clinic". The dedication of the building will take place in June when the M4M team is at Nyakato.

Thank You

A big Thank You for all who attended, donated and had fun at the "Spread Some Salt" Gala. Over $15,500 was raised to finish the Eye Clinic in Tanzania. Thank you also for everyone who helped make the event happen. More pics will be posted soon.

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Another M4M team from Atonement will travel to Tanzania in June 2012. They will be finishing the Eye Clinic that the 2009 team started, plus the medical professionals in the group will be providing medical and eye exams, treatments and eye surgery to the people of Tanzania in the Mwanza area.