Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ahlrichs Eye Clinic, As of March 2012

Recent pictures of the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic
at the Nyakato Health Center in Mwanza, Tanzania.
The building is waiting for the M4M team
to come and finish it in June.

The front of the Eye Clinic with the new walk way
to the main building of the Health Center.

Looking toward the main building of the Health Center
from the Eye Clinic and the new walk way.
Eventually, the walk way is to be covered.

The back of the Eye Clinic.
The 2009 M4M team spent many afternoons under
the shade of that tree.

The Lobby of the Eye Clinic-
The windows are facing the street and the church.
There is a steel girder in the middle of the ceiling
that the 2009 M4M team hoisted up into the structure using
ladders, ropes, pulleys and human strength.

On the other side of the Eye Clinic lobby is the optical shop.
A visiting med student is checking things out.

The optical shop, and stacks of ceiling tiles waiting
for the M4M team to install them.

The main hallway looking from the back to the lobby
at the front of the Eye Clinic.

 This hallway runs perpendicular to the main hallway
and the door looks out to the street and church.

 The sterilization room in the Eye Clinic.

 The OR in the Eye Clinic waiting to be finished.

 The waiting area near the OR in the Eye Clinic.

 One of two refraction rooms in the Eye Clinic.

 One of two exam rooms in the Eye Clinic,
and a lonely sink waiting for some plumbing.

The staff area and staff restroom in the Eye Clinic.

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