Monday, July 13, 2009

Sukuma Museum Visit

We drove along the busy roads of Mwanza after lunch to the Sukuma Museum.

The colorful lizards are everywhere here in Tanzania, this guy at the museum ground was quite colorful

Pat and Bob are standing in front of a map of Tanzania that shows where the different tribes are located. The Sukuma tribe is the native group in the Mwanza area.

Brooke, playing the drums.

The beautiful Bouganvilla bushes are everywhere we go, and there were many around the museum complex.

The Sukuma drummers and dancers put on quite a show after the tour of the artifact and architecture of the museum.

This was just one of the dances and costumes the dancers preformed for us.

The finale for the afternoon at the museum was the Snake Dance and they had two Boa Constrictors included as part of their dance.

At the end of the Snake Dance the main guy picked up the snakes and showed his dominance over them. It was quite an exhibition of Sukuma culture.


  1. Glad to hear everyone made it in good health to Tanzania. We have the giraff from my parent, Jim and Erika, displayed in our house and are praying for you. Thanks for the great pictures, it looks like an amazing journey.
    +Ric Peterson

  2. Brooke - and here you tell me that you have no musical talent. Now I know differently! :) Thanks for posting! Julie A.

  3. I wouldn't mind a snake dance myself...