Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rev. Dr. Kamudzandu at Atonement

This past Sunday, Rev. Dr. Israel K. Kamudzandu, from Zimbabwe preached at Atonement, and during the sermon he briefly spoke about our M4M team and our recent trip to Tanzania.

I am sure those who have gone to Africa, if they are given time to share their stories, I am sure we will be transformed by their stories.

When you went to Africa you met this stranger who you thought you'd never meet in your life, but because of the blood of Jesus Christ you were able to connect to that person because we are children of God.

We are a blessed people. We are children of God. God has made us an extraordinary people. God has transformed your life. God has made you that special angel. God has called you to live in unity with your brothers and sisters, therefore the life we live is not our life but it is a sacramental life.

Click here for the link to Rev. Dr. Kamudzandu's complete sermon on Atonement's website.

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