Sunday, July 19, 2009

Action Shots from Friday

Our day started with devotions at the construction site. We then all took pens and wrote messages and or scripture on the frame of the building.

Psalm 121 is written around the front door.

Pastor Gunda and Denny watch as the first truss is ready to pull up into place.

Pastor Gunda even helped push up that first truss.

The Bishop and his assistant with Mary Ellen and Denny.

I gave my giraffe, Wally to Cesilia, one of the local girls who was working with us. I told her about my cat, Teddy and every time we would see each other she would say, "Teddy, cat, meow" and smile at me.

The feet of some of the local workers and children around the M4M eye that was drawn in the middle of the slab.


  1. Amazing! The scriptures written on the beams will continue to bless this place long after you are back with us. Good work, Gang! We look forward to having you home.

  2. I agree, the Bible quotes are a moving touch.