Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Miwani for Lucy

A couple weeks ago when Jan and I were in Arusha we met Lucy, a guard at the German Boma Museum. She asked about our trip and why we were in Tanzania and when she heard we were going to work on an eye clinic in Mwanza she told us that she was having trouble seeing. I let her try on my glasses and she thought they were wonderful as they helped her vision tremendously. Since I could not leave my glasses with her I promised her that we would come back and bring her a pair of glasses (miwani is glasses in Swahili).

She was so thrilled to see us again and when I said we had glasses for her she was so overjoyed - she was hugging us even before she tried on the glasses.

Doc Erica was able to figure out an appropriate prescription for Lucy and we picked out a nice pair for her from all the glasses that had been donated by the folks at Atonement.

Lucy looks wonderful in her new miwani and her smile and tears are a great testimony of how something as simple as donating an old pair of glasses can truly change someone's life.

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