Friday, July 17, 2009

Jim, the Microscope Technician

We all bring a unique talent to the group, and have been able to contribute by using our areas of expertise. Jim is a Microscope technician and gave the equipment in the clinic a tune-up one afternoon this week.

This is the main building of the clinic with the eye clinic (under construction) in the background. When the eye clinic is finished there will be a enclosed walkway connecting the two buildings.

Here is Jim with two of the clinic staff who regularly use the microscopes, and who are greatful for Jim's service in this area.


  1. Jim, thanks for offering your gifts for the people of God!

  2. Jim, you have shared stories about your reparing and tending to the needs of your microscope friends in Faith Walkers -- and now Janice and I can see first hand your work.

  3. I have been following your work with great interest as my friends Jim and Cindy Peine are a part of your team. Each day I comb the pictures to see what they may be doing. I wasn't sure which worker was Jim, with hats and matching shirts it is difficult. Finally, I see "Mim" eating a popsicle, now I can find him in the other pictures. What fun it is to see all that you have accomplished. Blessings to all of you!

  4. Very cool! I just showed our kids these pictures after being out camping this weekend. They were excited to see pictures of nana and grandpa!