Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crash Cart Cases

No, Doug is not walking back to Kansas City. He is actually doing something very important - he is delivering several empty small suit cases to the clinic where they will be filled with medical supplies and transformed into "Crash Cart Cases". These cases will be placed around the Nyakato campus to be available in case any emergency situations arise that need immediate medical attention.

During one of the first nights after we arrived there was a medical emergency and Maria, JJ's mother was needing immediate care. JJ and his family live right next door to the Lofstrom's and both Doctor Powells were staying at the Lofstrom house and were there to care for Maria. Because of that immediate care from the doctors and other medical professionals on our team, she is healthy and doing much better.

The situation with Maria emphasized the need to have several "Crash Cart Cases" fully stocked and positioned strategically around the campus. Lori, an EMT on our team took charge of this project and was immediately taking inventory and emailing back to her EMT colleagues back in KC for lists and information to include in the cases. Lori shares a personal comment below...
On Monday Marie became very sick in the evening and Paula was very worried. She ask for some assistance with her care from our team.

After that night, Paula knew what she needed from me. Citizens come to her door for help knowing that Denny is a doctor when they find the clinic closed. She asked me to put together 2 emergency response crash carts. I worked for the next several days to find the supplies she would need to be prepared for any urgent need after hours or the weekends. Maryellen and Paula received a kit each able to care for several types of emergency situation (OB, Trauma, Medical, and airway emergencies).

I am so proud and blessed that I was able to help her help others.
This is another example of how the diverse talents within our group were able to help with specific needs at the Nyakato Clinic.

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