Friday, July 17, 2009

Action Shots from Thursday

Each morning before breakfast Dennis leads us in some stretching exercises.

And after we stretch our bodies, Janice leads us in morning devotions to stretch our spirits.

The slab has all perimeter walls up and some of the interior walls are up at the far side.

Don, Jim and Bryan are discussing what needs to be done during the morning.

Bethany and Jerod are working on top plates for interior walls.

Gwen and Mike working on interior walls, too.

Denny and Doug looking over the site from what will be the back doors of the building.

Elsie working on cutting fruit for the day's lunch

Who made the salad? Gwen made the salad!

The ice cream vendor has been coming by the construction site every afternoon just around our break time - what perfect timing.

Cindy and one of the local girls who has been working with the team this week.

Jim and Kari at the cutting station.

Getting ready to raise another interior wall.

A metal beam is part of the structure of the front end of the building to add support for the roof trusses over the large open reception area.

The beam is up and in place as Don makes sure it is securely in place.

Another interior wall encloses a couple rooms at the front of the building.

Bob was in charge of the assembly of the studs and jacks for this wall - "Bob's Wall."

Bob nailing his wall to one of the other adjacent walls in a corner area.

Denny looks to be pleased with the progress of the day.

This is Leonard, he is the son of Jeremiah, one of the local construction workers. Tom befriended the little guy and gave Leonard his giraffe.


  1. Thanks for these pictures. Tom briefly told me in a text about a small boy who he had on his shoulders one day. I do wonder if this is the same boy as in the ice cream picture. Perhaps Leonard is pretty smart and got some ice cream out of the friendship too! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the great photos! It makes all of us back here in KS feel like we are a part of the project. Our prayers continue. The progress has been amazing as well as the use of everyone's strengths. Bring me a piece of mango pie!!

  3. Janice and I are so impressed with all you have accomplished. You are real craftsmen. Thanks for helping us feel part of the mission trip by posting such wonderful photos with comments on your activities. Each of you sharing the Gifts that God has blessed you with is such a joy to see.

  4. So thankful that you arrived safely. I've checked out the blog and saw you in the group picture.
    Have fun. I know this will be a trip you will never forget because of the wonderful things you will be doing for others. Come home safe and healthy.

    Love ya
    (Lori Voelker's Sister)

  5. I know you're having a great time. You're probably exhausted though. My it's amazing to see how fast the walls are going up in just one week.
    Have fun, stay safe and healthy. Prayers for your safe return. Tell everyone hello for me.
    Tell Sherlyn and Elsie hello for me

    Love ya
    (Lori V's Sister)

  6. Hello to all from Kansas City. Its wonderous that the progress you're making. We are all very proud of you and praying for you all every day. Pastor Joe's tests show that his heart is fine but he has a gall bladder problem. Thought I'd let you all know!!

    Love you Lori and the Girls say hi xoxo
    Kevin V.

  7. Your progress is wonderful. We are so amazed that you have ice cream breaks! We had "digestive biscuits" & chips & fruit for break but no ice cream. Ken left his navy blue bucket hat behind & it's neat to spot it in your photos. We pray you all stay well & injury free. Ken & Jane Odland (1st Lutheran, Newton)

  8. The photos are wonderful! You all look like a very cohesive, dedicated, well-functioning team. You're bringing smiles to the brothers and sisters in Tanzania, to us back home, and to your own faces, as well evidenced in the pics. God's speed.
    - Paula K

  9. WOW, what wonderful work you all are doing. Thanks so much for sharing it all through the pictures . . . of the work, the people, the smiles. Prayers and blessings continue. Peace, Cherri J

  10. Jim Peterson,
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Wow! What a salesman you are. Wyan and Kay are here visiting and we can all enjoy seeing you on the other side of the world. How wonderful!

    Stay safe over in your travels. Come see us when you return.

    Irene, John, Joanne, Wyan and Kay