Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doc Erica and Eye Patients

The entrance to the Patricia Ward has been set up as a make shift eye clinc and Doc Erica has been seeing about 30 local patients a day this week.

People are being taken care of on a "first come, first serve" basis. Here is a shot of patients in the "waiting room".

Pastor Emmanuel, on the right, has been Doc Erica's translator at the clinic.

Elsie has been a wonderful help as receptionist and doing other misc jobs to help Doc Erica with the patients.

They have given out over 100 pairs of glasses, here this gentleman is sporting his new glasses.

Elsie, with boxes of glasses behind her. A HUGE THANK YOU to Sherlyn for sorting, organizing and labeling all the glasses according to prescription, style and type.

Part of the exam is to look at the patient's eyes with a microscope.

Rose received this pair of white glasses - this picture doesn't show at all how cute she actually looked wearing them. (She agreed to allow us to take pictures during her exam, but even so she was very hesitant to smile.)


  1. Looks like wonderful work. It's interesting to see how different things are. I'm sure the people are greatful for the work that is being done.

    Now, as far as the pie, I'm wondering if my dad didn't have something to do with initiating that idea. He loves pie and I'm sure he enjoyed it!

    We're praying for all of you!

    +Ric Peterson

  2. Erica's mom and dad are enjoying this blog every day. We are so proud of Erica and glad she has had this opportunity to go on this mission trip.

  3. While I heard at many of the meetings that there would be jobs for everyone to do even if they weren't part of the actual building of the clinic, these pictures really help you to understand just how much work is involved in this project. I never thought about sorting the glasses, pointing to the eye chart, or being a receptionist. What an amazing (em)body(iment) of Christ!

  4. I was wondering if Elsie was going to use her special writing gift to improve on the eye chart :)