Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank You to Our Blog Viewers!

Thank you to all of you who are following our eyes4mwanza blog. We are so encouraged by your comments - every time we are connected to the internet, the people in our group ask if we got any new comments - these messages are so uplifting to us.

We are trying to keep the blog updated with our current progress on the construction and what some of the others are doing, but with all the great things that the group is doing it is hard to keep up.

Doc Erica is seeing many eye patients each day and we are hoping to have a post or two highlighting the great job she and Elsie are doing on that front.

The Powells and the other med folks are at the clinic each day doing wonderful things there, too.

We had our first power outage for several hours last night so that hindered any updates via the satellite. (Rick, we are having trouble keeping the bgan unit powered by its battery. I believe that Charles has sent you an email update about this problem.)

Again, thanks for your support for the team, your comments and prayers are greatly appreciated!


  1. It is hard to believe that you have had any problems with updates. Each day I am amazed at all of the pictures you post, each day more than the last. It is wonderful to see it all come together. I really appreciate the close up shots of each group doing their tasks. As today's verse says, "All of you should be of one mind." What a witness your work shows towards that goal. I can see why Denny is amazed at how quickly you have gotten so much done.

  2. I agree with Julie! It's amazing how many hands and many prayers can so swiftly create a BUILDING! Prayers are continuing for all of you! Keep the pictures coming.

  3. What a TEAM!!! You guys and gals are doing a fantastic job! Love the blog! Prayers for your continued sucess and good health. Tell Cindy and Elsie we missed them in Bible study Monday AM and there will be a pop quiz when they get back. Also let Don and Cindy now that the group has not forgotten them. Blessings to ALL!!

  4. Wow Wow Wow! So much progress, God is so good! Everyone looks great and the weather looks perfect!