Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Action Shots from Tuesday

Below are several action shots from the construction site on Tuesday.

The first walls went up and it was awesome to see so many working side by side and standing shoulder to shoulder to build and lift the walls of the clinic.

Ryan and Adam, two young men from Colorado have been here working with the IHP group since the beginning of July and will depart on Friday, They have been a great help and have been a wonderful inspiration as they just came here to Mwanza on their own to help in any way they could.

Tom with machete is helping to trim branches of a tree that was overhanging the construction site.

Denny and JJ looking over the site - it is awesome to see such a big smile on Denny's face - he is quite impressed with the progress we have made in such a short time.


  1. This post was a wonderful combination of closeups and views that give you perspective. The 10th and 12th pictures really give you a sense of "many little people in many small places undertaking many modest actions can transform the world." All of those people working together to lift those walls, it is amazing to see. Those with years of experience working next to those who have none, but felt led by the Holy Spirit to go and help. It makes your heart swell with love!

  2. Hi Dad! (Douglas Smith)

    : )


  3. daaad moooom
    miss you guys i finally figured out how to post something! hope you guys are having fun big suprise when you get home! and alex is excited to meet you.
    LOVE you guys DEREK