Friday, July 24, 2009

A Comment from the IHPTZ July Update

One of the comments from the IHPTZ July Update is from Sherlyn.
I’m a widow with grown children and 12 grandchildren. Since I no longer have the responsibility for family, I am doing other things that are important to me. This is certainly one. Our team had great respect for each other. I worked on the eye team sorting glasses. I have been so impressed with the patients and soft-spoken ways of the people. Many of them have little but do not seem disgruntled and make the most of what they have. Many sacrifice to send their children to school, even private schools.

I watched Lucy prepare food to feed 40, three times a day, without convenience foods or much refrigeration; no hot water unless heated on the stove. It’s like indoor camping! And yet, this is normal for here. Mothers have babies strapped to their backs and carry heavy loads on their heads!

Wonderful people. Wonderful experience.

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