Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Action Shots from Monday

Denny and some of the locals are outside of the birthing center (still under construction) and are getting ready to work on the eye clinic with the group from Atonement.

The first thing to do was to get into the container of supplies and determine what is needed for the group to get started.

Don, one of our construction leaders checking out the stuff in the container.

Most of the morning was spent moving lumber from the container and doing other prep work.

Kari, the saw master, sawing down 2x4s for the wall studs.

Bette over at the eye clinic was helping the staff go through equipment.

Dr. Powell with Dr. Bon.

Each day several people are asked to help work in the kitchen. Pat is helping cut vegies for lunch.

Janice with instructions from Mama Lucy, stirring part of lunch

Jerod, tossing the salad.

The gang at the lunch buffet - every meal including this one, has been delicious.

Lori, stretching and attaching the metal lathe, that will eventually be covered with concrete.

At the end of Monday, the two far walls were layed out and assembled, ready for raising first thing on Tuesday morning.

The security guard taking inventory of every board and plank as we are getting ready to leave the construction site for the night.

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