Friday, July 10, 2009

Visit to Wood Carvers in Marangu Area

This is the Minjas family and Simon, a local representative from 10,000 Villages. On Wednedsay morning Jan and Simon (in the dark blazer) went to the Marangu area to visit a family of three generation of wood carvers. The grandparents, Roderick and Ajenta, along with their five sons carve items for their company called Minjas Products. They are a Fair Trade company and one of the blessings to the family company from being Fair Trade is that they are paid up front and are able to pay for supplies.

This is the grandfather of the family, Roderick. He has been carving for over 40 years in the family homestead at the trail head for the Marangu trail up Kilimanjaro.

This is one of the sons working on a piece, that is carved from the Muhaha wood and then embellished by burning the design into the wood.

Here is a small sampling of the pieces produced by the Minja family. The car actually has wheels that turn.

The grandsons are being taught the carving skills by their grandfather so they can carry on the family tradition and business.

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  1. It is so good to see the faces and hands behind the items we purchase.