Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fresh Mango Pie a la Mode

On Wednesday night Paula surprised the group with a special dessert - fresh mango pie and ice cream.

Paula is such a wonderful hostess, in addition to all she does around the clinic, she takes such wonderful care of the workers and her visitors.

The kitchen crew had to work a little later that evening to wait for the extra plates from the dessert - but I don't think they minded.


  1. That pie looks awesome- it looks like the crust is going to float right up into the air. What does Paula use to make her crust- monkey butter??And the clinic! It is a good size project. The wall raising is my favorite part and you have captured some wonderful shots. God give you energy to get everything accomplished.

  2. Yum, that looks great! I have never thought of making mango pie...we might need a recipe!

  3. Hey Dennis, Jan, Jim and Cindy,

    It's good to hear from you guys. Uncle Dennis, I see that the two pictures of you are 1. leading everyone in stretching and 2. in the dessert line :) Great combo. Speaking of stretching, I run 14 miles tonight for my training. I have to do a mid-week run because Thursday I lead a group of 8 guys from our neighborhood back to Hanover on a camping and fishing trip. We are going to camp at Fritz's pond and fish and just get away from the city. The guys are so excited to be going on a trip and I'm probably even more excited for them. We leave Thursday afternoon and get back Sunday. God bless you guys.