Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrapping Things Up in Nyakato

Monday night was our last evening at Nyakato,
so folks were busy making sure things were wrapped up
before our departure for the Serengeti on Tuesday morning.

 Kevin and Don get Erica's surgical microscope put together.

Kari finally got her bag with artwork for the eye clinic.
She is hanging them and adding a creative touch to the lobby.

 The last night in the Bingo Bingo.

Emily gives info and instructions to the team.

Last minute signing of the team flag.
Since Don and Cindy are staying at Nyakato instead
of going on safari, they will take care of hanging it
in the rafters of the Bingo Bingo.

Group shot taken Tuesday morning before heading off to the Serengeti.

Jane from MTS is there with the safari cars and drivers
to make sure that we get off okay.

As we enter the Serengeti we are greeted by a group of Twigas,
a wonderful start to our safari.

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