Monday, June 25, 2012

All Arrived Back to KC Safe and Sound

Our travels home were much smoother
than our trip over.
Everyone arrived back in KC on Saturday evening
with all their luggage.

Our trip home began with loading up the bus
after spending our last night in Tanzania at the Uruhu Lutheran Hostel.

 Our last drive on the busy roads of Tanzania
between the hostel and the Kia Lodge.

The beautiful sunflowers along the road.

Since our flight was later that evening,
we were able to spend the day at the Kia Lodge.
Free internet in the lounge and day rooms
were appreciated before a long couple days of traveling.

 Loading up luggage again at the Kia Lodge.

 Emily and Jane - these gals are still smiling
after having to deal with all of our travel troubles.

 Kili finally peeked his head out of the clouds to say goodbye.

 Hanging out at the KIA airport.

Crystal doing some last minute shopping
for Tanzanite at the airport.

The gang hanging out at the Nairobi airport.
It is a miracle they were all able to leave Nairobi without any glitches.

A final toast in London.
The team then had uneventful flights from London to Dallas
and then to Kansas City.

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