Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ahlrichs Eye Clinic Dedication and Celebration!

Today was dedication day for the eye clinic and after putting in another day of hard work
the clinic was ready for the celebration.
Kevin and Brooke had gone to Kilimanjaro on Friday to get most of our bags
sorted out, put on a truck and sent to Nyakato.

The truck was scheduled to arrive between 4:30 and 5:00pm
so we pushed back the dedication time to 6:00pm as there were
some items in one of Kari's bag that were brought for the dedication.

Kevin got bumped from his flight on Saturday afternoon
and couldn't get a flight back to Mwanza until Sunday afternoon.
When the truck with the bags amazingly arrived around 5:30
Kari's bag wasn't on the truck - Kevin had taken it thinking he would have
gotten back to Nyakato before the truck - more luggage craziness.

Brooke was scheduled to depart to head back home on Sunday,
so she stayed in Kilimanjaro Saturday rather than go back and forth
between Kili and Mwanza several times in three days.

We sorely missed Kevin and Brooke last night, 
we wish Ruth and Loren could have been here, too - 
but other than that the dedication and celebration was wonderful!

 The lobby ready for guests.

 Emily getting the cookies set out.

 Erica, Shelley and Cindy ready to enjoy the evening.

Paula's delicious home made cookies.

Julie, Shelley, Kim and Kari.

Cindy and Don relaxing on the couch.

Kirk and Carolyn.

The IHP gang is all there - so let's get the party started!

 The M4M team and IHP staff in front of the eye clinic.
Some of the KC medical team are not in the photo as they were still in surgery.

 Sele and Maria.

Before the dedication of eye clinic we went over the Laundry Building,
and it was dedicated in memory of Marie Soldo,
an Atonement member who was a big supporter of IHP's nursing training. 

Wilson and Jimmy attaching the dedication plaque
to the Laundry building.

Back at the eye clinic - Mary Ellen, Paula and Denny
give the team a great compliment for hanging in there when we had to deal
with so much going against us with our luggage problems
and for not giving up when the supplies and tools we needed weren't here.
They also shared their gratitude to Atonement and the Ahlrichs
and then proudly unveiled the plaque for the building.

Sele attaching the plaque to the front of the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic.

Paula, Sele, Mary Ellen and Denny excited to enter and see all the work
the team has done over the past few days.

Paula is speechless, as she stands in awe in the lobby
and Denny's smile is priceless!

Big smiles on their faces!

Kari with the IHP folks, she and Don gave them the tour of the building.

Denny and Paula in the freshly painted, beautiful, bright hallway.

Luckas, Wilson, Maria and Lengai celebrating.

The lobby is bustling with celebration.

Willy and Julie looking good.

Luckas is alway smiling - here he is cheering with Mary Ellen.


More smiling faces!

Kirk in the midst of the IHP staff clinking their soda bottles.

Willy, Kim, Luckas and Shelley!
The dedication and celebration went wonderfully
and everyone had a great time.

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