Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Action Shots - Working in the Eye Clinic

There was a lot of activity at the Nyakato Health Center today:
the surgeons preformed four minor surgeries, 
clerical work was done in the pharmacy,
runs to the airport were made to pick up Brooke, Emily, Steve and the Powells
along with a lot of prep work done in the Eye Clinc
to get it ready for paint, trim, tile and ceilings.
An exam room was also set up for Doc Erica to see patients.

 Kim and Cindy cleaning windows in the lobby.

Don and Shelley start the installation of all the door knobs
with the front door.

Carolyn working on one of the windows in the front lobby.
She and Kim spent most of the morning prepping walls for painting.

Kim also cleaning a window.

 Dennis swabbing the base of the wall.

Emily working on a window in the optical shop.

Luckas and Wilson, two of the Health Center staff taking a break
after working most of the day tiling in the Birthing Center.

Don and Shelley are STILL working on installing
the knob and dead bolt in the front door.

Meanwhile, Doc Erica and Lisa
have been seeing eye patients in the back OR of the eye clinic.

Dr. Emmanuel is the third, and very valuable member of that team
as he is the translator between Erica and Lisa and the patients.

Lisa, an Ophthalmic Tech,
is checking this patient's vision with the phoropter.

Doc Erica checking distance vision with the standard eye chart.

 Dr. Emmanuel consulting with a patient.
He is the local doctor that usually sees the eye patients
here at the Nyakato Health Center.

Looking Good! This woman is showing off her new glasses
and very happy that she can now see things much clearer.

How many people does it take to install a door knob?
Kevin and Roy have stepped in to help, as the installation for this door
has been quite a challenge.

Kari sweeping the front stoop.
Earlier in the day she looked like Pig Pen from the Peanuts Gang
with a big cloud of dust around her as she swept the lobby.

At the end of the day the clinic is prepped to start painting
and installing trim around doors and windows.
They finally got the knob and lock installed in the front door
so there will be more door knobs to install, too.

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