Thursday, June 28, 2012

Other Visitors at Nyakato While We Were There

While we were at Nyakato there five others visiting the Heath Center, too
and because we all lived, ate and worked closely together we quickly became friends.

Above are the four medical visitors; Cassie, Emma, Catalina and Kurt -
This picture was taken with some local children on the Sunday afternoon when the group
visited the Sukuma Cultural Museum.
(Thanks to Crystal for the picture above.)

Cassie is a nursing student, attending the University of Mississippi Med Center.
Emma is a med student, attending North Texas University
Catalina, is a MD in her 3rd year fellowship at Mayo in endocrinology.
Kurt is a med student, attending the University of Iowa.

Mary Pace, a good friend of Paula's, was also visiting during our stay at Nyakato.
She is in the picture below sitting in the middle of the front row next to Denny.

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