Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blood, Sweat, Tears...and a lot of dust.

Hey guys, this is Brooke. Planned on posting yesterday, but here is the nitty gritty truth.

6 days after setting foot on the plane from Kansas City, we have barely any clothes, medical supplies, construction materials, or beanie babies. 38 bags have not been allowed to cross the Kenya/Tanzania border and 12 bags are just MIA.

I expected bumps and I knew that this trip could never go as smoothly as the first: 34 people, all flights perfect, no bags lost. But never would I have imagined that we could have the issues we did....and still do.
  • London to Nairobi flight was cancelled prior to departure, we took it in stride. 
  • 2 hours to get boarding passes & check our 59 bags, we got over it. 
  • 13 unplanned hours in London...fantastic sight-seeing! 
  • Cancelled flight from Nairobi to Mwanza 30 minutes prior to leaving London...we'll deal. 
  • 4 boarding passes found missing on the flight to Nairobi...I'll head to ticketing upon arrival. 
  • Landing in Nairobi to find no bags to take by truck to Mwanza...this is a small problem. 
  • Emily & I missing our flight due to trying to find the lost baggage, sending the truck away to find that the bags DID arrive, um, ok. 
  • 11 hours later in the Nairobi airport the bags are off via truck to Mwanza. Finally. 
  • Morning after to find that the handful of bags to be checked through to Mwanza DID not arrive and 12 bags are MIA...getting frustrated. 
  • 38 bags stuck at the Kenya/Tanzania border with border patrol asking $1000 for beanie babies...priceless. 
But above and beyond these less than important earthly things, kingdom work is taking place. People are being healed & cared for. Paint is going up & door knobs are installed. Organization & stream-lined processes are happening. We are supporting each other & are doing what we can given what we have. Thanks & praise for the opportunity we have to serve others and each other.

Please, please, pray for the revelation of God's hand in this, as we know He's in control.  And maybe even pray for the 50 pieces of luggage floating around Africa.

I do not want to see my cell phone bill,
Brooke Hodnefield :)

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