Monday, June 11, 2012

Team Has Arrived at Nyakato!

The team has arrived at Nyakato yesterday, well at least the majority of the team.
Because of rescheduling of flights and other crazy stuff pertaining to the transport
of our bags to Nyakato, Brooke and Emily stayed in Nairobi last night
and will be arriving in Nyakato this afternoon.
(More details to come about all of that in a future post)
The Powells and Steve Vanesco will also be arriving and joining the team today, too.

 Anyway, after our night flight from London to Nairobi we were split up
into two groups to travel to Mwanza.
The first group departed at 8:00am and were able to fly directly from Nairobi to Mwanza.
The second group (shown above on the tarmack) first flew to Kilimanjaro
and then flew to Mwanza in the afternoon.

By staying on the original flight to Kilimanjaro
the second group got to see the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kili in all his glory!

 The Kilimanjaro Airport.

"It's Kili Time" - enjoying a Kili beer in the lounge at the airport.

 Weary travelers waiting to board their plane to Mwanza.

 Roy and Judy looking good climbing into the plane.

On this flight we passed over the Ngorongoro Crater
with the clouds lining the rim.

 Waiting to enter the "Arrival Lounge"...

...which is really only a small cement room
where travelers pick up their luggage.
Because of our luggage issues, we didn't have too much to pick up.

 One of the things that did show up was the telescope tube.
Today the rest of the items
and the other parts of the telescope should be arriving.

The drive from the airport to Nyakato allowed us to see
how the locals get around.
This man only has three water jugs tied on his bike.

 Other than walking, the bike is the main mode of transportation.

A man with sugar cane on the back of his bike
passing a colorful road side stand selling cold drinks and fruit.

In the downtown area of Mwanza you see the old and new.

Everything so interesting and colorful.

 The "Kili Time Pub".

 We are now in Nyakato and many people walking along the road.
Nyakato is a suburb of Mwanza (similar to Overland Park to Kansas City).

A young man a top sacks piled on the back of a tuk-tuk
and talking on his mobile phone.

The sign at the corner of the main road and the dirt road leading to the Health Center.
We are almost there!

During our orientation session with Paula, Fifi came to visit.

Fifi, just hanging out in the tree looks as pooped out as we all looked and felt.

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