Monday, June 25, 2012

Construction Update from the Don & Cindy

While the majority of the team left Nyakato on Tuesday morning
for the safari part of our trip
Don and Cindy stayed back at the ranch and continued to work
on finishing up things at the eye clinic.
The local workers finished all the exterior painting.
On the inside Don was able to get the holes cut in the doors and
all the rest of the door knobs and dead bolts installed.
He also was able to get more of the trim cut and installed
around doors and windows.
Cindy did a lot of interior priming and painting
while the local tilers got the side hallway, refraction rooms
and the three exam offices tiled.

Cindy also got the team banner ironed and ready
and then Don hung it in the Bingo Bingo.

The banner looks good in the corner by the door to Mama Lucy's.

Thanks to everyone who signed the flag and showed their support
to both the 2009 and 2012 M4M teams.
Thanks also to Phyllis who helped Kari to sew the banner.

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