Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunday in Mwanza

Sunday was a day to relax and enjoy being in Tanzania
after a week of hard work in the health clinic, surgery and the eye clinic.

All of our personal bags have arrived so we are relieved
to have those back and taken care of.

Kim and Shelley stop on their way to the church 
and have their picture taken in front of the newly dedicated Ahlrichs Eye Clinic.

Entering the church.

These two brothers were welcoming folks
as they entered the church with their cheerful smiles.

The dance and singing ensemble in the front of the church.

One of the singers returns to the front after
coming down the aisle and interacting with the congregation.

The gang in the pews.
The pastor had arranged for translators to sit with the group.

During the service the visitors were invited up to the front.
The M4M team along with a couple of the visiting med students
stand before the rest of the congregation.

The team members and med students were asked to introduce themselves;
tell their name and where they are from.

After the intros, the team sang "Beautiful Savior."

A colorful Lizard on the rocks outside of the eye clinic.

Dinner on Sunday evening was at the Tunza Lodge
on Lake Victoria.
Before going to the Tunza some of the team and the med students
spent the afternoon at the Sukuma Museum
and others just spent a lazy afternoon at Paula and Denny's. 

Enjoying the local brews!

Crystal caught snapping a shot - 
just one of the many pics taken that night of the gathering
 and beautiful sunset.

 Paula and Denny with Jackie, Sele and Maria's little girl.

Uncle Don with Jackie, who is almost 3 years old.
Jackie was just a little baby bump when the 2009 team was here.
Right after the 2009 team arrived Maria became very ill
and the docs and nurses from that team were able to take care of her and the baby -
Jackie is a miracle and a very special little girl to the 2009 team.

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