Friday, June 22, 2012

Wonderful Afternoon in the Serengeti

After leaving Nyakato we drove to the Serengeti's west gate
to begin our safari.
(Click on the pictures to see at a larger size.)

 We were greeted by a group of "Twigas."

One of the safari cars clicking pics.

The heron better watch out or he will be a croc snack.

Seen one Wildebeast, you have seen them all.

 Zebra and Topi.

 Guinnea Hens along the road.

This couple safe in the brush away from the passing traffic.

 The dust helps to make the sun and clouds more colorful.

 Maribu Storks hanging out at the watering hole.

We came across a family of elephants or "Tembos" -
even with kids playing in the background.

Another family of "Tembos."

A couple of lionesses sleeping in the tree.

 Safari cars gathered all in one spot means that there is something to see.

Roy keeping a look out for the elusive leopard.

 Lisa looking good.

Everyone trying to get a peek at the leopard.

The leopard, sleeping in the tree.

 We saw many "piles of hippos" - this one takes a yawn as we pass by.

 The sun setting behind an acacia tree.

A baboon parade along side of the road.

 Teenagers hanging out together.

A family stopped - Dad making sure baby is secure on mommy's back.

 Storks in the tree, hippos in the pond and sunset on the horizon.

A lioness perched on the branch of a tree.

The Serengeti Serena Lodge,
our stop for the night after a wonderful day of safari.

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