Friday, June 22, 2012

Artwork for the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic

It was a good thing that Kevin took Kari's bag at the Kili airport
and brought it back to Nyakato by air rather than send it on the truck.
The artwork and framed photos that were in the bag on the truck
arrived broken and or scuffed up from the bumpy ride.

The artwork in the bag Kevin brought when opened was just fine
and looks wonderful in the lobby of the eye clinic.

These framed pieces were in the bag on the truck
and barely survived the ride.
The photo below the cross is the Ahlrichs and Loftstroms
from October 2009 - taken at Atonement.

A set of 5 posters were created for the eye clinic,
each with the key element lasered out of wood -  
the first is the Twigas "Standing Tall".

The "Eye on Tanzania."

These Miwani are "Looking Good!"

 An eye chart with our inspirational verse from Matthew 5:13.

The Atonement Tree "Reaching Wide."

Jimmy checking out the addition of the art in the lobby.

Miriam and Maria with the pieces on the entry wall.

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