Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Travel Pix from July 4th

It is hard to believe that exactly one month ago Jan and I (along with Muller and Wally) were traveling from KC to Tanzania.
Here the boys are looking out the window as the plane is taking off from Amsterdam.

The flight was during the daytime and the weather was cloudy over most of Europe but started to clear to show the Alps as we got closer to the Mediterranean.

The Croatian coast was visible from our side of the plane.

Looking down at mainland Greece.

A view of the Kissamos Gulf and the Gramvousa and Rodopos Peninsulas on the Island of Crete.

Another view of Crete.

The Sahara Desert in Egypt is our first view of the African continent.

The Nile in Egypt just north of the border of Sudan (near the city of Abu Simbel).

This part of the Nile is the southern part of Lake Nasser, the world's third largest reservoir that is created by the Aswan High Dam (located farther north on the Nile and not visible from the plane).

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