Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eye Clinic Update from Mwanza

An update and pictures from Paula, Denny and Sele on the construction progress of the Eye Clinic at Nyakato.

Hello Atonement Angels!

Attached are a few pictures taken today (Aug 10). Our goal is to have the roof on by Sept. 1st because that's when the first rain was last year. It's dry, dry, dry and dusty now, but once it rains, it really pours.

Sele set a goal of 7 trusses in one day and the team only took a 10 minute break in order to make that goal. As a reward, we gave them some of the clothes you left for donation, and we gave each of them (19) a bar of Coast Soap - now they'll all smell like Denny!

We're looking forward to showing you even more progress when we come in October.

Blessings and gratitude,
Paula and Den and Sele

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