Friday, August 7, 2009

Safari Pix from Elsie

Jim and Erika, Efriam, Jan, Elsie and Douglas.

Efriam, our driver is a wonderful young man with an eagle's eye for spotting many elusive animals as we bumped along on unbelievable roads while on safari! We lost count, but feel we saw everything except the elusive rhinoceros - perhaps on our next trip!

Jan was especially delighted to see the flamingos since she missed seeing them when she and Kari were at Arusha National Park several weeks ago.

The beautiful black feathers are a striking feature that is only visible when the Lesser Flamingo is in flight or spreading its wings.

One animal or bird in the wild is exciting, but seeing flocks and herds is even more than one can take.

Surely God has given us all an amazing gift of these wondrous creatures - how sad that so many of them are disappearing from the earth!!!

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  1. e - I love the picture of the flamingo with its wings spread to show the black feathers - a beautiful shot. k