Sunday, August 16, 2009

Christian Community and Service in Jesus Name

Pastor Janice, one of the members of our M4M team, preached at Atonement last Sunday and she referred to our recent trip to Tanzania as she spoke about Christian Community.
" put 34 people together for two weeks, 24 hours a day, in a land where water is scarce, where toilets sometimes flush, and where if you get a shower it may be refreshingly cold and invigorating - and it is in that kind of setting you really see the truth about each other.
And here's some of the truth of what we discovered...
When you mix the Holy Spirit in with a group of people who are offering themselves and all that they have for service for Jesus' sake - something remarkable happens.
...all of the talents we put on the table and mixed up and everything got put to use for the good of community, for the good of our smaller community (there during that time), but really for the community - all of those who are going to be coming to that clinic for expanded medical care.
We received blessings as well, many blessings from getting to know people who see the world through very different eyes, and getting just a glimpse of the importance of faith in their lives. The blessings were bountiful in the time and it was a remarkable experience of living in community, and it worked for us because we had a common goal, a purpose - and that was service in Jesus' name..."

To hear all of Janice's sermon click here for the link on Atonement's website.

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