Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Favorite Souvenirs

My favorite souvenirs from the trip would have to be my hats, my bracelets - and of course my pictures.

Throughout the past week I have been wearing my bracelets and people have asked about them. Certainly, people at work have been inquiring, but one evening this past week at a retail shop, a clerk asked if I had made my bracelets, I had to respond that the Masai tribe in northern Tanzania had made them and that opened a whole new opportunity to share about our trip and our mission.

Yesterday as I was leaving work a colleague asked about my bracelets and I told him about them being from the Masai, and I even had a print out of our group at the eye clinic construction site. He was intrigued and said he wanted me to come by next week and tell him more about our mission and the trip.

This morning I was in a creative workshop and I wore my knitted Tanzania cap - of course everyone wanted to know about the trip - and I had the opportunity to use some of my African experience in my pieces.

Later this morning on my way home I stopped at a garage sale - again the questions about the hat and bracelets. What simple things like bracelets and hats can ignite conversations that otherwise would never happen.

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  1. This trip was a mountain top experience for all of the team from Atonement and a wondrous blessing for the people of Tanzania.
    I don't know if it was very hot or not but everyone looks very comfortable. Amazing animal shots too!