Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Pix from the Serengeti

Here are some more pictures from our first afternoon of safari in the Serengeti - these have a bit more life to them.

The monkeys near the entrance gate were watching us.

The gazelles seemed to be watching us, too.

We only saw a couple giraffes that afternoon, this young female seemed all tangled up in the trees and bushes.

The giraffes' long tongues allow them to get the leaves from this type of Acacia tree without being pricked by the sharp thorns all along the branches.

This wildebeest looks so serious...

...while this group seems to be having a little bit of fun.

I think we all got a shot or two of this group of elephants crossing the creek. It was our first elephants of the safari and to see so many all together was awesome (the smell was "awesome", too).

This little guy is splashing along as he is bringing up the rear.

Jim looks like he's driving the safari car.

At our lunch break we crossed a foot bridge to a nice clearing where we could sit and eat.

Hippos keeping cool in the water below.

The bridge was beautiful, but a little scary to cross.

Brooke and her aluminum giraffe, Reynold.

More wildlife was hanging out at another part of the creek.

That bird looks like it could be an afternoon snack if it isn't too careful.

"Crazy Jim" and his camera.

"Not more of those crazy humans and all their cameras!"

The design in the ears are wonderful.

"Tag, you're it!"

There is really nothing special about this zebra, except that he was in the clearing right outside the window of my hotel room - not a bad ending to a great safari day.

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