Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pix from the Serengeti

Most of the pix shared so far from our safaris have featured the wildlife - this collection of shots is from our first afternoon in the Serengeti and it highlights more of the park and will hopefully show a glimpse of the diversity, the scale and the beauty of the terrain.

Topi, all lined up in an open field.

A solitary wildebeest under a lone tree - a common sight.

A creek bed, mostly dry from the winter drought.

Another low creek bed - watch out for the crocks sunning on the shores.

A watering spot and a refreshing place to cool off from the hot sun.

Most of the fields are spanning with grasses for the herds of animals to graze...

...while others have taller grasses, perfect for cheetahs and lions to hide in as they await their prey...

...and then some are lonely because they have been recently burned.

An oasis with lush growth will pop up every now and then...

...but for the most part the Serengeti was very dusty and dry.

This tree silhouette and the dust kicked up from our car makes for a nice shot as the sun is setting behind us.

The sunset over the open skies and Acacia trees ends our first day on the Serengeti.

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