Friday, August 28, 2009

Trip Highlight from Jim and Cindy

One of the true highlights of our trip was getting to know our safari driver, Greyson Mndeme.

Greyson was very good at locating animals – maybe because he has made over 600 trips through the Serengeti!

He also told us many wonderful facts about the animals. Perhaps the most interesting was that every animal has a natural enemy. He said that an elephant has no predators, but can be brought down by an ant. There are ants that can get into the elephant’s ears. The elephant is driven so crazy that they hit their heads against a tree or rock until they die.

We learned that Greyson is Lutheran. His father is a retired Pastor who is now teaching. Greyson sings in the forty member choir at his church. He shared with us that he donated money for the choir at a mission church that we passed as we drive to Arusha. His home is about 15 km outside Arusha. He rides a daladala to and from work at J&M Tours. He saves his money for his children’s education. When they are educated, he will save for a car.

Each morning as we started out on safari we sang “Asante Sana Yesu” which means “Thank you, thank you Jesus”. Greyson taught us the second verse “Nakupenda Jesu”. I’m not sure of the spelling, but it means “I love you Jesus”.

We have mailed Greyson our two Atonement choir's CDs. We are so grateful to know him and to know that even though he lives almost 9000 miles away, we share a common faith.

Cindy and Jim Peine

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