Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Beautiful Serengeti Sunday Morning

Arising before the sunrise on our Sunday morning in the Serengeti, I set up one of my cameras to capture the morning light coming through the gnarly branches of the Acacia trees outside my room.

Then I took my other camera to the lookout above the Serengeti - Tom ended up being a wonderful addition to the photos of the sunrise from the rocks.

Back at the room as I started to put away the photo gear a hot air balloon floated into view.

I grabbed my camera and quickly ran back to the rocky perch (and the multitude of rock hyrax) to capture the balloon as it started it's airborn safari across the Tanzanian terrain.

It turns out it was a pair of balloons on safari together.

The Serengeti Wildlife Lodge at Seronera is beautiful as it is built around large rock formations. The shadow from a "candelabra tree" is cast on the large rock at the center of the lodge.

With all the rocks, there were Rock Hyrax everywhere around the lodge. (For more information about the Rock Hyrax see the previous post.)

Our devotions for that beautiful morning took place in an open area of the lodge.

We all gathered around as Doug and Elsie led the group.

As we concluded, we gathered and prayed - a beautiful Serengeti Sunday Morning and a wonderful start to our day and the week of traveling ahead.

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