Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking to Tanzania Update

Just from this past weekend's collection, $255 was collected in sponsor donations for the Walking to Tanzania Fundraiser!

If you have not utilized this to your advantage and sent out letters-do so! What a simple way to raise awareness and money. Brooke sent out an email with the letter in an attachment.

How to Participate:
1.) Sign up by putting your name on the chart in the Gathering Place.
2.) Get a sponsor each week (simply a donation). Seek sponsors beyond Atonement. If you don’t find a sponsor, pay $1 and keep walking.
3.) Put the donations you receive in the envelopes designated, “Walking to Tanzania” and place in the offering plate. Envelopes will be found on Tanzania table. Record your miles each week on the chart in the Gathering Place. Children can collect pennies and deposit them at in the clear jar at the Tanzania table.

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