Sunday, February 1, 2009

Walking to Tanzania Fundraiser

It is 9324 miles to Tanzania and together we can walk, jog, bike swim, or whatever you do best to tally up miles to Tanzania.

Keep a count of your miles each week and enter them on the tally sheet found in the Gathering Place on the bulletin board shown in the picture above.

We have six months to get there. Find someone to sponsor you each week. Go beyond the church, seek out family, co-workers, friends, relatives, neighbors, the friendly clerk in the store and anyone else you can think of.

Put the donations you receive in the Walking to Tanzania envelopes and place them in the offering plates. Envelopes can be found at the Tanzania table in the narthex.

You may get fifty cents one week and fifty dollars the next. If you don’t get a sponsor one week just drop $1 in the big jar at the Tanzania table and keep walking. Just remember to make it fun!

Even the children can help – they can save pennies and bring them to church and put them in the jar at the Tanzania table.

We will see how long it takes us to fill that jar and get to Tanzania!

Make it fun – form a group - involve your clubs- use your imagination.
You will be the one who ultimately benefits.

Be a healthier you - Walk to Tanzania - 9324 Miles - CAN YOU DO IT?

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