Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Facts about Tanzania

Tanzania has practically everything to offer: superior nature and wild life reserves, beautiful coast, coral reefs, the snow capped Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria and spectacular topography like the Great Rift Valley.

Culturally Tanzania is a blend of African, Arab, Indian and European influences and is home to more than 100 different ethnic groups. Nearby a church you'll hear the mosque call while you watch the proud and colourful Masaai pass by on a bike. This resembles the remarkable contrast of Tanzania.

The country also has a fascinating history. Some of the world's oldest hominid fossils are found here and the country has been a main point for trading, including slave trade.

Many travellers and foreigners claim it to be one of Africa's most low-key and friendly destinations - an ideal choice if you're a first-time visitor to the continent.

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