Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kitenge: Fun Facts about Tanzania

Kitenge (or chitenge) is an African garment similar to sarong, often worn by women wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling. They are also sometimes worn by men around the waist in hot weather.

Kitenges serve as an inexpensive, informal piece of clothing that, often decorated with a huge variety of colors, patterns and even political slogans. Kitenge fabrics are similar to kangas and kikoy, but are of a thicker cloth, and have an edging only on a long side.

The image above is a collection of Kitenge fabric patterns and below is a closer view of one of them.

Thanks to for the images - visit their site for more info and to see more beautiful Kitenges.

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  1. When you take pictures without asking, it would be nice to tell where you got them from.