Monday, May 28, 2012

Ahlrichs Reception and Send-Off Service

Yesterday at Atonement we celebrated the Ahlrichs with a reception
between the morning worship services.
 The eye clinic at the Nyakato Health Center is named in their honor.
Ruth and Loren standing with the model of the eye clinic. 
The model was made by Leroy Zimmerman
when Atonement first took on task of building the clinic.

 A replica of the plaque that will go on the front of the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic.
The dedication will take place in the afternoon of Saturday, June 16th.

 During the Childrens' Time the kiddos help Kari pack her bags
with the Beanie Babies that have been collected
by the congregation during the month of May.

 Blessing the Beanies.

During the send-off part of the service
each team member lit a candle from the salt candles - 
symbolic of the "Salt & Light" from Matthew 5:13-14.

Pastor Joe and the congregation blessing the team
as they are sent off to "reach wide".

Worship included special music
featuring the KC Brassworks and percussionists.

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