Monday, May 7, 2012

Aerial Views of Mwanza and the Health Center

Click on the images for larger views.
On a map of Africa, Tanzania is on the East coast.
Mwanza is on the South shores of Lake Victoria.

Here you can see Mwanza at the bottom of Lake Victoria.

Zooming in closer you can see the Nyakato Health Center
is South East of the main part of the city.
You can also see the airport and the Tunza Lodge
where we will have dinner on Sunday evening.

The Health Center is just North of the big Mwatex Textile Factory.

Zooming in closer you can see the buildings of 
the Health Center, including the Ahlrichs Eye Clinic.
The "Horse Shoe" at the top of the image
shows the new dorm and bungalow where we will be staying
and the Bingo Bingo where we will be eating while
we are in Mwanza.

The Bingo Bingo is new since we were there in 2009.
It is right behind Mama Lucy's house.

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