Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone

A new eight part series has just started this past Sunday on the History Channel called EXPEDITION AFRICA. For those who missed Sunday’s show, it can be seen this Wednesday at 10:00 pm. Some episodes will air after we leave on our trip but it will give a good peek into what some of the wilder parts of Tanzania are like. (Thanks to Cindy S. for sharing about the show.)

Four modern-day explorers are heading toward the unknown, the deep interior of Tanzania. They'll travel 970 miles through African terrain that is stunning as it is fraught with danger. Using only a compass and basic maps, they will attempt to recapture the spirit of one of the world's most remarkable adventures - Journalist Henry Morton Stanley's perilous 1871 journey to find Dr. David Livingstone. Click here for more information on the History Channel website.

Their historic exploration has been captured by one of the premiere storytellers of our time, Mark Burnett, for the eight-part television event, EXPEDITION AFRICA: Stanley & Livingstone

This is not a competition of a game, it's a real-life adventure. Four explorers: navigator Pasquale Scaturro, wildlife expert Dr. Mireya Mayour, survivalist Benedict Allen and journalist Kevin Sites will trek across a vast, unforgiving landscape of dense swamps, rugged mountains and barren deserts. They will face severe dehydration, deadly diseases, wild animals and more than 29 kinds of venomous snakes - only to learn that the greatest danger may actually be one another.

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