Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asante Network

Asante Network is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization and proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and is committed to helping women in Tanzania and Uganda.

Asante Network connects the women's groups with markets in the U.S. This empowers these women to develop their traditional arts into viable home-based businesses.

ASANTE means "Thank You" in Swahili, so "asante" to Jan for finding information about the Asante Network. She and I will be visiting an Asante batik group outside of Moshi during the few days we will be in Tanzania before the rest of our team arrives.

Beautiful and well-made baskets, batik and tye-dyed textiles (clothing, tablecloths, bedcovers, and wall hangings,) and hand-carved crafts are purchased directly by Asante Network from the Miichi Women’s Group in Tanzania and NEEPU Women’s Group in Uganda. The money the women receive help them to feed their families, to send their children to school, to support their church and to support AIDS orphans. Additional funds raised help to build classrooms, provide scholarships, books and tools.

Volunteers from Asante love to speak to church groups to tell the stories of our sisters and brothers in Africa and how our work with them has changed our lives. You can help too by contacting one of the volunteers to schedule an Asante Network Arts and Craft Fair and presentation at your church. Click here for more information.

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