Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bruce Kaldahl's Contribution to Walking to Tanzania

Bruce gives us much inspiration as well as his contribution to our effort. Thank you Bruce!

Excerpt from an email Brooke sent to Bruce on March 3, 2009 -
Hi Bruce! I have been kept up to date from Pastor Joe, Pastor John, and others on your progress. Sounds like you are taking part in a waiting game right now which I can't even imagine how difficult that must be. You have been in Brad and my prayers. I also wanted to let you know that you are kicking everyone's butt on by participating in the Walk to Tanzania. Thanks for taking part, it means a lot!

Excerpt from Bruce's reply to Brooke -
I have already walked/rode over 50 miles this week, so I will reach my goal of 300 miles with a few miles to spare. We have already turned in $325 and when the rest of the money comes in, the total will be $1,100.

In times like this, it is best not to pray for patience - God may think you need more practice! I go in for a bone marrow biopsy on Friday and then will have to wait two more weeks for the results - ug. The bike/walk to Tanzania has been good motivation for me to get out of the chair and start getting back into shape. I am just a few miles away from my 300 mile goal and better yet, all the pledges will add up to around $1,000. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. Bruce

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