Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Benedict's Safari Car

Benedict and the gang from his safari car - Kari, Cindy, Brooke, Kurt, Don and Sherlyn.

Brooke shares,
"Benedict was our remarkable safari driver...quiet, gentle-spirited, kind, and always chuckling at Cindy "Doolittle" talking to the animals - or laughing at our staple Swahili phrase, "Twende, tafadahli - Asante!" (Let's go, please -Thank you!). We each had a particular word we would say and poor Benedict heard that phrase over and over and over again!

Benedict has worked for JM Tours for over 14 years and loves what he does. He says that he never gets tired of taking people on safari since you never know what you may see. His personal favorite is the cheetah.

He has a wife, 3 boys, and a daughter and he strives to be able to pay for his children's education. He grew up in Moshi close to Mt. Kilimanjaro and his mom still lives there and is a coffee farmer. He is Catholic and drove with the Virgin Mary right on his windshield.

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