Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A note from one of the IHPTZ volunteers:

I am Judy from Newton, Iowa. I am a senior citizen at the age of 74. I came to Mwanza because the Holy Spirit had told me that I could make a difference in other peoples’ lives and Denny and Paula’s was the place I chose.

I discovered the old fashion method of testing eyes was still available for me to use. God has sent 500 people to our clinic receiving the glasses and has changed all their lives for the better.

It’s so rewarding when a lady who couldn’t see me across the table and I fit her with a pair of glasses with a powerful prescription and she said “I can see, I can see!” and went flying out the door. She went around and shook hands with all her friends and looked them in the eye and said, “ I can see you again”. Then she went flying down the road to tell her family. This is what makes my work all worthwhile.

I booked my flight and came by myself and felt very much at ease all the time. Some of my friends were concerned but there was nothing at all that frightening.

I feel this makes me a better Christian and as long as God continues to open the doors I’ll walk through.

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