Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BIG BANG STOMP!! Here Comes World Trade Day May 9

BIG BANG!! kicks off 9th May 2009. Drumming will encircle the planet from first light to last light.

BIG BANG!! something (anything) with spoons, sticks, hands, fingers, friends, family, neighbours, a crowd, an audience, a solution. Beat poverty beat climate change beat economic crisis.

The theme or World Fair Trade Day is ‘BIG BANG!!’ - brought to life in a global day of drumming and other events to beat poverty beat climate change beat economic crisis. Kicking off on the date line and circling the earth in a rolling programme of events, through all cultures and traditions, from first to last light, closing in Samoa. A global day lasting 48 hours and bringing together musicians and media, supporters and performers, audiences and producers, politicians and voters, brands and economists, to open up markets and minds to a new and sustainable economy built on the principle of Fair Trade.

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