Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to Our New Blog!

This blog is to share information about our mission effort for Mwanza, Tanzania.

Since I am new to the group I need some help in describing our effort and would appreciate your input into what you want to see on this blog other than regular posts (updates) on our progress.

A blog is basically an online diary and information is posted and displayed chronologically with the latest entry showing when the blog is initially launched.

Blogs usually have an author (or several) and then followers - the latter can add comments to the posts, which then are able to be viewed by visitors to the blog.To add comments you will need to set up a Google account.

I am an avid blogger and find it is a wonderful way to share information and images using our current day technology. Blogs are free and very easy to maintain. Blogs also have limitations and don't have as many features of a full website - but there are many features that can make a blog a very useful tool for efforts like ours.

Other than the posts, what I would like to see on our blog are:

1. Description of our mission and goals

2. Calendar of meeting, events, important dates, etc

3. Links to other blogs, websites

4. Awareness (advertising) for fundraising

5. Mission team information

6. Customizing the visual look of the blog.

If you have other things you would like to see on the blog, please add a comment below or email Brooke, Maryann or me with your thoughts.

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  1. Kari,

    Thanks for setting this up. I think it's great that we have another avenue for both discussion about the effort, as well as a spot to keep both the congregation and the team members up to date. With regard to awareness of fundraising, we do have the Tanzania Game Night coming up on the 28th of February (Food, Fun, and Fellowship!). Games to be played include poker, Bunko (sp?), Scrabble, Bingo, Bridge, Nintendo Wii games, and other board games like Monopoly. We'll also have movies for both youth and smaller kids. We'll be selling food at the event as well. Tickets go on sale on the 31st of January (advance tickets are $4 for individuals, $15 for families, and at the event will be $5/$20). We'll have more details in the upcoming Messenger and the Atonement Times.